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What am I up to these days?

June 17, 2020


Hey FC Crew,

The other day someone asked me so “what are you up to these days?”. As most of you know I am teaching 8 Live Online Classes every week, but what most of you don’t know is that I have also been working on a large video training library for FC. It should be ready in a few weeks. Stay tuned for more …


A Manny Minute Video 

Arm Movements & Transferring the Knife

Watch as emmanuel demonstrates arm movements and developing the ability to transfer a knife smoothly.


What are people saying about FightClub?

“Hi Emmanuel,

With great interest have I listened to yet another of your fascinating podcast messages, thoughts, and concepts to ponder, and watched your abundant video content. I only have been to one of your live-classes once, many years ago while visiting Toronto. Nonetheless, this all made and still makes a very positive impact on me.

I still apply as much as I can of what I learn, read, and see from your sources into my life and practice. Without a doubt, it’s a challenging, yet fascinating journey to explore more and more of and about myself, as well as the immediate environment, and all sorts of communication with people, be it verbally, physically, or energetically.

It’s probably needless to say, yet I encourage you to keep going and inspire people of all walks of life. I appreciate your sharing in a way that’s open-minded, creative, clear, honest, and more.

I gladly send the very best wishes for your practice and good health.


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