Women in Systema

Women who train at FightClub experience martial arts training in a whole new light. There are no mandatory uniforms. There is no belt system. You learn practical skills that spill over into your regular life in all kinds of productive ways. It is always a great work-out and the bonus is you actually learn a skill while getting or staying in shape. A skill that if ever needed, could prevent you or a loved one from harm.

Why woman train in Systema at FightClub:

  • Learn self-defense techniques to protect the family.
  • Acquire violence prevention strategies.
  • Entering police force, military or corrections.
  • Active interest in martial arts.
  • Physical fitness.
  • Work-related IE: Bus Driver, Paramedic, Nurse.
  • Traveling to foreign countries alone.
  • Need martial arts skills for acting or stunt work.
  • It is a unique and interesting thing to do.




See SYSTEMA Martial Arts Training to learn more about Systema training at FightClub.



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