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Young People are more Stressed than Ever

April 22, 2018


For starters, young people are excessively stressed out these days. A study published in December in the journal Psychological Bulletin found that there was a 33 percent spike in two types of perfectionism among college students in Canada, the U.S., and the U.K.

In its most acute forms, the researchers say, the stress of perfectionism can lead to eating disorders, high blood pressure, depression and thoughts of suicide.

The younger generation feels a lot more 

stress today than they did in the past,”

There are worries about being educated and not being able to find a job; concerns about the cost of living and debt that’s causing them to live with their parents longer. All this translates to more stress. And we know that 70 percent of mental health problems are onset in younger years.

The advent of technology adds another layer to young people’s stress, experts say. For one thing, it makes them more susceptible to cyberbullying, and for another, it is affecting their ability to focus and relax.

“A lot of young people are having difficulty maintaining their attention span because they’re always looking to see what’s coming through on social media”

There’s research that talks about how [kids] who are constantly looking at their phones and who are being bombarded with this information are structurally changing their brain. It’s creating a background noise that prevents them from relaxing and being more mindful. And that, in turn, makes them feel stressed.

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