FEB 18, 2021


Especially if your working form home and training on your own. Here are a few surere ideas and rules about setting up the right conditions ...

Aim to achieve one simple goal that’s part of your larger task. The rock climber isn’t thinking about the summit, just about completing the next incremental step without plunging down the mountainside. The mother reading to her child isn’t worried about whether the child will someday read the classics; she’s simply enjoying quality time with her baby.

Feedback can come from anyone, but the best feedback comes from the activity itself. The climber who’s still clinging to the mountain knows the last step was successful.

If a task is above your skill level, it becomes too daunting to tackle. If it’s below your skill level, the work turns dull. You need to balancing the two if you want the best results.

In daily life, you’re constantly distracted. You’re not living in the moment. Instead, you’re thinking about what happened yesterday or what will happen next week. Being present requires a fuller devotion of attention. This state of deep concentration occurs quite spontaneously and feels perfectly natural.

A chess player feels that an hours-long matches. A sprinter perceives that a race lasts an eternity rather than just a few seconds. It seams like time expands or contracts.

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