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Emmanuel  Manolakakis Fight Club instructor
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FightClub is not your traditional martial arts school. Here, we train in Systema, a complete fighting system. This is the real deal. The martial arts training is honest, focused and intrinsically designed to work in real life. The drills we utilize are tried, true and tested. We don’t train for competition. There is no belt system. But don't be misled: training at FightClub has much more to offer than just fighting. A key feature of this martial art is an in-depth and comprehensive health system focused on breathing, movement and finding power through relaxation. Self-defence training does not need to be complicated. Martial arts training does not need to be complex. Getting healthy does not need to be so difficult. Systema training and approach is incredibly powerful, practical and unique; see for yourself!

Our community is what makes FightClub special.  Here you will encounter people from all walks of life - from lawyers and CEO's to police officers and school teachers to artists and entrepreneurs - drawn together by a common desire to better know themselves and the world around them and to learn from an incredible teacher.

Emmanuel creates a welcoming and safe space that enables you to go deep within yourself, explore your internal edges and support others to do the same.  In December 2023, FightClub celebrated 20 years in business; a rarity in the martial arts world made possible by a unique art, a dedicated teacher and our vibrant community.      

About FightClub Community

(20th Anniversary Celebration 2003-2023) 

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