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Fight Club instructor Emmanuel  Manolakakis


At FightClub, every class is a master’s class!


Dedicated to teaching Systema Classes in Toronto

Emmanuel has over 40 years of experience in martial arts, 30 of which have been focused on SYSTEMA. 


“Few people have rare knowledge in this world. Among them, even fewer can transmit this knowledge. Fewer still dedicate their lives to refining their knowledge and helping others elevate and fulfill themselves. Emmanuel is one of few, a rare person.”


The Highest Human Good

"It is like having an exceptional mentor and teacher in book format."


"The knowledge we collect and the experience we live with equals the wisdom we can possess." 


"This is a simple, elegant, and straightforward book on the art of living one’s best life as a good human, no matter the field, profession, or circumstances. Its simplicity and depth are a breath of fresh air in today’s abundance of shallow soundbites on personal development and the meaning of life."

Emmanuel  Manolakakis Fight Club East York Toronto

Are you successful but not happy?

Are you bored with yourself and the things you do?

Would you like to create a better version of yourself and your life?

Are you ready to upgrade your intermediate mentality to a mastery mindset?


Fast-paced modern lifestyles have steadily been taking a toll on us all. Social media has made our lives comedic theatre. The internet has flooded us with knowledge but little wisdom. Complexity has become normalized in our societies, leaving many confused and looking for more …


Stop collecting knowledge and start distilling wisdom.

Stop proving yourself and start being yourself

Stop finishing tasks and accomplish your best work.


Whether you are struggling to find meaning and peace in today's increasingly chaotic and distracting world, are looking for encouragement and hope to keep fighting the good fight or want to take your skills to the next level personally or professionally, Eudaimonia is a trusted walking stick for life’s journey if you are willing to put in the work.

About the Author

Emmanuel Manolakakis is a passionate teacher and a lifelong student dedicated to the master’s journey. Captivating in his honesty and authenticity, he transmitts life lessons and wisdom in a depth seldom seen these days. Like an old friend whose wisdom you recognize, Emmanuel has the rare ability to discuss deep topics in simple terms that speak directly to your heart. 

After earning a Bachelor of Arts from York University in Toronto in 1991, he spent ten years in business before becoming an entrepreneur in 2003. He is the owner and head instructor of a martial arts club established in 2003 where he still teaches daily. He is a renowned international instructor with an abundance of creativity and curiosity who knows how to get the best out of everyone in positive ways.


Using his vast knowledge, uncanny sense of humour and deeply caring heart, Emmanuel simplifies complex ideas and distills them into timeless wisdom for those seeking to live in alignment with the highest good for themselves and humanity.   

About the Instructor Emmanuel Manolakakis
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