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Espresso-like Shot of Healing Energy

So if you’re stuck in a slump, recovering from an injury, overwhelmed by your tasks, flattened by over-trained effort, frustrated by lack of results or depressed by lack of energy, then… Don’t… Get… Up… yet. Build your energy first because you need energy to make energy!

You may not know it yet but locked inside your compressed joints you can access a cold storage of chemically healing nutrients.


Do mobility …

Open your joints …

In only 10-15 minutes, you can release an espresso-like shot of healing energy into your fluid body through the bellows-effect of powerful exhalations, and by moving each major joint complex (neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, elbows, wrists, fingers, thorax, lumbar/pelvis, hips, knees, ankles and toes).

I discovered this when I broken my knee in a Rugby game. The injury left me in agonizing restriction, plummeting me into depression. So I began to climb out by mobilizing one tiny joint at a time; starting with fingers and toes. By the time I had finally gotten to my knee, I was finally able to get up and walk month before my doctors thought I could do so.

I used my mobility training to face jet lag, or an energy drain from an accidentally missed meal, to focus for an upcoming high anxiety speaking engagement, to decompress after a hostile encounter or to recover from an intense workout or Systema session.

Think of movement as a ‘dynamo of energy’ generation.

Mobility heals and energizes!

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