Martial Arts training in Toronto at FIGHTCLUB delivers a way for you to train your body and mind through work in SYSTEMA. We teach you practical, functional, modern martial arts skills and the value of staying safe and healthy.

Martial Arts Training

Adult SYSTEMA Martial Arts Training teaches the importance of protecting yourself, loved ones and physical fitness. We teach you practical modern martial arts skills and have fun doing so in a community of friendly instructors and students.

Youth SYSTEMA Training

Our Kid's martial arts classes in Systema not only teach self defense techniques but help increase your child's speed, stamina, strength, while developing better balance, coordination, timing and confidence.


FIGHTCLUB Seminars offer students extended training in specific aspects of SYSTEMA. Past seminars have explored; improvised weapons, gun defense, knife defense, working with sticks, breathing techniques, confined spaces, outdoor winter training and much more.

  • Chris Hann

    Chris Hann

    If you are a serious martial artist looking to take your training to the next level, or an individual looking to stay fit, or a beginner interested in learning how to defend yourself you have to come to Fight Club and train with Emmanuel.  Over the past 30 years I've had the opportunity to train in many schools - Karate and Aikido dojos, Kung Fu schools, Krav Maga, Kali and JKD gyms, and in several different Systema schools.  Of all those I would rank the training at Fight Club among the best.  Emmanuel is that rare combination of highly skilled martial artist, outstanding and passionate teacher, and down-to-earth approachable guy.  He creates a terrific, welcoming (yet honest, or "real" in terms of the training) culture at Fight Club.  You will not be disappointed - come and check it out!
    Chris Hann
    Orange County, CA
  • Stephen Dietrich

    Stephen Dietrich

    "If you’re looking to work on yourself or improve the vast experience we all call “life”, this is the place to do it. As far as Systema schools go, Fight Club is at the top, and in terms of instructors, Manny is the best of the best. There are many Systema schools throughout the world that offer wonderful training, but at Fight Club you will learn how to bring this training into your life in the most genuine way possible. I highly recommend training here if you get the chance"

  • Chris Stout

    Chris Stout

    I met Manny at a seminar my brothers and I attended in Roanoke, VA. Manny is equal amounts Power and Humility along with a gift for teaching. After this weekend I felt like I became a sponge and my relationship with Systema has been growing faster and faster since. If you ever get the honor to train with this man know that you are in the hands of a true master of the art.

  • Leandro de Barros

    Leandro de Barros

    If you are interested in martial arts in general and Systema in particular, FightClub will blow your mind, awesome!
  • Gregory Malszecki, Ph.D

    Gregory Malszecki, Ph.D

    I always thought great teachers made great students, but Emmanuel showed me that the reverse is true: great students make great teachers.  Seeing him offer master lessons in his smartly humble way through exuberant revealing of his own daily practices and deep grasp of Systema principles as his Way of Life.  His teaching inspired guts and grit as much as laughter and delight.  A superb expression of ‘mastery’ where these best lessons blended precise words into exact teaching by doing!

  • Jack & Bev Gustafson

    Jack & Bev Gustafson

    “Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, and just as importantly, HOW you share that knowledge. You make everyone you work with feel special, like you are trying to bring out the best in them. You are a gifted teacher and we are blessed to know you.”  - God Bless

  • Daniel Lui

    Daniel Lui

    FightClub has been like a second home for both myself and my kids for the last six years. Manny's lessons are life lessons and apply to so much more than self-defense. Whether you're at work, or school, or out and about you can apply all the ideas you'll learn to everything you do. And on the off-chance that you do need self-defense... you'll be ready! From the daily classes, to the specialized seminars, we are very fortunate in Toronto to have the opportunity to study Systema at FightClub. Thanks to Manny, his instructors, and students that attend!

  • – Mike Beauchamp

    – Mike Beauchamp

    “It was Emmanuel's passion for Systema, the knowledge of it, sharing that passion, and how it shows your devotion to the people in your life that made me pick FC all those years ago when I was looking to begin martial arts. The same holds true today”

  • Andy Seatherton

    Andy Seatherton

    Excellent instructor, excellent students, excellent venue. Emmanuel has a vast amount of knowledge and shares it with abundance. Emmanuel makes the whole learning process so logical, through the use of stories and analogies he speeds the absorption and retention of that knowledge. I can not wait to be back at fight club again and hopefully with my son next time.


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With Private SYSTEMA Training, students of martial arts in Toronto, whatever the discipline, can either mediate their interests for specific training or have an instructor assess their abilities, looking for vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and proceed accordingly.

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Toronto archery training at FC Archery is dedicated to the practice and study of the ‘Art of Archery.’ Classes teach the importance of proper form, technique, coordination between mind and body, calmness, precision, responsibility, focus, and most of all safety.

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