FIGHTCLUB delivers a way for you to train your body and mind through work in SYSTEMA [aka: CNCTEMA - Russian Martial Arts]. We teach you practical, functional, modern martial arts skills and the value of staying safe and healthy.

Adult SYSTEMA Training

Adult SYSTEMA Training teaches the importance of protecting yourself, loved ones and physical fitness. We teach you practical modern martial arts skills and have fun doing so in a community of friendly instructors and students.

Youth SYSTEMA Training

Our Youth Systema Training Program not only teaches self defense techniques but helps increase your child's speed, stamina, strength, while developing better balance, coordination, and timing.


FIGHTCLUB Seminars offer students extended training in specific aspects of CNCTEMA. Past seminars have explored; improvised weapons, gun defense, knife defense, working with sticks, breathing techniques, confined spaces, outdoor winter training and much more.

  • Rebecca B. Szeto

    Systema is for all ages; and it is never too late to learn, practise and live it, in order to achieve vibrant health and self-actualization. I celebrated my 64th birthday climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Reaching the summit at 5,985 meters is not an easy task, but Systema training gave me the fortitude to persevere under the harsh conditions.

  • Vali Majd

    The training is fun, unique and very yielding; the instructors and students are very welcoming and friendly.
    Don't miss out on some unique training if you live in, or are visiting Toronto.

  • Vincent Tnecniv

    This is not just martial art, it is much more than this and anyone who has stepped into Emmanuel's fight-club will tell you how vibrant, living and refreshing any of his classes are.

  • Mark Fan

    "Systema training at Fight Club has been a reliable friend, always there to give me what I need. Its simplicity belies its depth, and instead of adding tension and accumulating technique, it provides the conditions to let go of the unnecessary. My time here has been a gift, and helped me mature."

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FC Connect

FC Connect is FightClub's regularly updated training blog featuring articles and video on Systema skill-sets, training techniques, health, fitness and much more.

Private SYSTEMA Training

With Private SYSTEMA Training students of MA, whatever the discipline, can either mediate their interests for specific training or have an instructor assess their abilities, looking for vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and proceed accordingly.

FC Archery

FC Archery is dedicated to the practice and study of the ‘Art of Archery.’ Classes teach the importance of proper form, technique, coordination between mind and body, calmness, precision, responsibility, focus, and most of all safety.

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FightClub is officially sanctioned by RMA HQ

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