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Recurve Archery

Common Recurve Archery Mistakes

Shooting too fast

Instead of taking it quickly, keep your shot slow, steady, and thoughtful. Slowing down your commotion will let your brain analyze the target better and make up for any corrections, which in return will help you get better in a short period. Its common for one archery shot to take 15-20 seconds.

Misplaced or wrong anchor point

Drawing the bowstring to the same anchor point every time an arrow is shot. An anchor point is a spot or point on your face from where you pull your bowstring every time to prevent your draw-hand reach to different spots each time you shoot, leading to your arrows flying in all possible directions.

Dropping their arm after arrow release

Many of you had arrows going low on target. That’s because they tend to drop their arms as and when their arrows leave the bow. While experienced ones always keep their posture upright until they hear the thud of the arrow hitting the target.

Gripping the bow the wrong way

Saw many of you grip to tight and tense, as if you where holding the handle of a hammer. Your knuckles should be rotated at an angle of about 45 degrees to the ground for a good grip.

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