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Systema Russian Martial Art

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Spent a lot of time training this weekend. Mostly looking at my Systema practices. My kids commented on the fighting as they watched me. I smiled and continued training for hours...

To most it may seem like fighting, but it's not. At its essence it is art. It must be an art and not as information that you 'know'. To me art is mystery. It is also never-ending creation. Think that you understand creativity because have looked at many paintings is to put the cart before the horse. Our goal is not to become 'art experts' but 'painters' when we train.

It takes a certain kind of vision to know that something is art. What's more, this vision has less to do with the eyes and more to do with the heart. Even in the midst of battle, art can be found. But you have to open your heart to see it ...

"These things exist. Even if you cannot see them. And they are waiting, even if you are not"

There are many who will tell you of the importance of knowing things. Many of them even good people, but they are not artists.


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