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Martial Arts Training - September is just around the corner

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Attention FC Crew,

September is just around the corner, and I want to quickly share with everyone the plan that will hopefully take us till the end of December. Martial Arts Training, Archery Training, Youth Training and Online Training.

Updated Class Schedule

Monday 6:30-730pm - Youth Program

Tuesday 7-830pm – Adult Program

Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm – Youth Program

Thursday 7-830pm – Adult Program

Friday 12-1pm – Online Zoom Training Class

Friday 5-6pm Youth Archery Program

Friday 6-7pm Adult Archery Program

A Few points to mention …

1) Let enjoy the outdoors more before the winter months are upon us. September/October we will be outdoors at East York Collegiate field training if the weather is reasonable (Indoors at FC if there is a good chance of rain). * The only exception is archery this needs to be indoors only * Make sure you’re on the SIGNAL Chat for these weather-related class updates.

2) November is hard to predict but we will see how it goes and make changes accordingly.

3) I’ve spaced out classes to give plenty of cleaning time before and after class and have also added a few air purifiers to the training room for addition protection going forward.

4) All students needs to pre-register for classes (no drop ins) and new students need to first have a pre-assessment consultation with me on the phone (outlined on the website)

5) All program begin on Tuesday September 7th (after the Labour day long weekend)

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