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Strong Systema Strikes

Practice to deliver a strong penetrating punch or strikes.

The foundational knowledge about strikes …

Type of strikes - single strike, double strikes, triple strikes

Strike variations - fist, elbow, shoulder, open palm, forearm strikes

Primary zones - pressure points and target areas

Striking distance - closed, middle and long distance.

Striking directions - linear strike, side strike, angles

*If you just started learning martial arts, then I recommend learning basic striking techniques first and start slowly with pushing type punches and progress carefully*

Use your body weight every time when delivering a strong strike or punch. Use your entire body in your strikes. No matter how strong you are, you can generate at least twice stronger power if you use your body weight. Your strike energy should start from your heels, go up through your hips (where you generate a spiral motion), then through your chest into your fist.

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