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Systema Lessons and Virtues

Teaching lessons and virtues to kids is an important aspect of their overall development. Here is a little video clip of me working with Owen. A student that has been training at FC for a few years. What am I trying really teach Owen? Here are some of the key lessons and virtues I’m trying to teach all the kids at FC. Tell me if you can spot them.

Lead: Children often learn more from observing your actions than from listening to your words. Model the behaviors, virtues, and values you want to instill in them. Show kindness, honesty, patience, respect, and responsibility in your daily interactions.

Communicate: Use appropriate language and explanations when discussing virtues and lessons with children. Encourage open dialogue, active listening, and empathy to foster understanding.

Compassion: Help children understand the feelings and perspectives of others. Encourage them to be kind, considerate, and helpful.

Responsibility: Guide children in understanding the importance of taking responsibility for their actions. Encourage them to make thoughtful decisions, learn from their mistakes, and face the consequences of their choices.

Teaching lessons and virtues to children is an ongoing process. Ultimately, the goal is to help children grow into responsible, compassionate, and virtuous individuals. #torontokids

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