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Systema Strikes

Systema emphasizes fluidity, adaptability, and efficiency in self-defense situations. Lets have a look at delivering strikes and focus on the key principles and methodology.


Proper breath control is essential to delivering powerful strikes.

Learn to synchronize breathing with movements to maximize striking power and focus.


Relax, both physical and mental before delivering a strike, it’s important to remain calm and to avoid tension from anticipation, which can hinder the strike’s effectiveness, accuracy and speed.

Use of the whole body

Systema strikes involve the entire body, not just the limbs. Learn to use your weight and core muscles to generate power to your strikes.


Train to be able to strike any part of the body with equal effectiveness. However, certain targets may be more vulnerable or effective than others, depending on the situation.


Use of momentum to deliver strikes. By using the attacker’s momentum against them, increase the power and speed of strikes while minimizing effort.

To deliver a strike in Systema, a practitioner might use a variety of body parts including fists, elbows, knees, feet and open-handed strikes. The specific applications will depend on the situation and your own preferences. Ultimately, the goal of a Systema strike is to neutralize the threat as quickly and efficiently as possible, while keeping yourself safe.

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