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The Archery Follow Through

The archery follow through refers to the continuation of the shooting motion after releasing the arrow. It involves maintaining a steady bow hand position and keeping the aiming posture until the arrow reaches the target. This follow through is crucial to ensure consistent and accurate shots in archery. #torontoarchery

The important parts of the follow through ...

Bow Hand

After releasing the arrow, the bow hand should remain steady and relaxed, maintaining its position until the arrow reaches the target. Avoid any abrupt movements that could affect the arrow's flight.

Aiming Posture

The archer should maintain their aiming posture and focus on the target even after the arrow is released.

Shoulder Alignment

Keeping the shoulders aligned with the target during the follow through helps maintain the proper shooting form and prevents any unintentional left or right deviations.

Follow Through Extension

Extending the drawing arm and bow arm slightly forward after releasing the arrow can aid in maintaining stability and control throughout the shot.

Visual Follow Through

Continue to watch the arrow's path towards the target, observing how it lands, which can provide valuable feedback for making adjustments in subsequent shots.

By paying attention to these aspects of the follow through, archers can improve their consistency and accuracy in shooting arrows.

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