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The Standards that Matter

“Fulfil your role to the best of your ability”, one of my first managers said to me. Hummmm, I realised this is not a simple statement. I fired back a question quickly … How will I know if it’s good enough for you? ‘Be a professional’ my manager said. Hummmm again I realised this is not a simple statement. I fire back a second question … How will I know if I’m a professional? ‘Simple’ my old manager said, ‘when It inspire others and it gives you a deep sense of satisfaction and self-worth’. I remember this conversation like it was yesterday, but I had it back in 1985. Still to this day I try live by those simple words, ‘Be a professional’ always.

As the saying goes, "Professionalism is not the job you do, it's how you do the job."

1. The abilities meet the requirements of your role, and very often produce results that exceed expectations.

2. Putting knowledge into action. Show what you know – not for self-promotion, but to help yourself and others to succeed.

3. Be genuine, align your beliefs and behaviours.

4. Truly respect other people by taking their needs into account.

Be a professional ALWAYS. It will take you much farther in life than you can imagine.

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