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Unreasonable resolutions into realistic goals

Resolutions can fall by the wayside for many reasons.

But you know what? There's just no doubt what the biggest culprit is.

Resolutions that are vague and unfocused. They aren't specific enough.

That's why we recommend the SMARTER framework for achieving goals. Here's how it works:

S - Specific

Get a crystal clear vision of what success will look like.

M - Measurable

Measurable goals can be tracked. What are the key milestones?

A - Achievable

Avoid burnout by working towards a goal that is challenging but possible.

R - Relevant

Find you're why. How does this goal support your overall life plan?

T - Time-bound

Set a deadline for achieving your goal to help you plan and stay motivated.

E - Evaluate

Don't wing it. Regularly check in on your progress to remain on track.

R - Re-adjust

All sounds rational, right?

This more prescriptive resolution approach is only one part of the formula. Achieving personal goals is just as much about following your feelings as it is about listening to your mind.

Track progress, and take it one step at a time

When it comes to a New Year's Resolution, we often wonder how long is long enough.

But this year, try something different. Rather than setting an arbitrary date way into the future, take your resolution and break it down into manageable milestones.

Instead of committing to a whole year of change, start tracking small, positive habits that will help you towards your larger goal. It takes 30-120 to form a new habit (depending on your stubbornness) so take it one step at a time.

January can be a challenging time as it is. Remember, no one's applying the pressure but you, so give yourself a break. Your 2023 is feeling brighter already!


PS - One of your resolutions better be training consistently at FC!

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