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Wisdom for an Inspired Life

“Fall in Love with the Process”

1. Become the Process - Work for Yourself and work on Yourself. Love what you do!

2. Success contains hard work - Most people exhaust themselves protecting their own ego’s , this is not hard work. Hard work is the sum of all the small choices you make in the dark, when no one is looking.

3. Keep your values Constant - What do you value?

4. Pain of Regret - It last a long time. I would choose the uncomfortable.

5. Memories of Story’s you tell yourself - The meaning you give to things causes feelings and feeling give you meanings.

6. Comparison is the Thief of all Joy - Focus on your journey instead.

7. Live by Principles as guidelines - Feelings change over time and are very unstable.

8. Our Society gives us a map - But it’s outdated because it’s based on the past. Get out there and experiment with life today.

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