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Your Psyche

Let’s talk about your ‘psyche’ and touch on some basic concepts to us to use when we are training. A starting points lets take ‘psyche’ to mean ‘the complex human characteristics of active reflection of the environment resulting in self regulation of the person’s behavioral activities’ (K.Komarov).

Psyche is what allows us to effectively adapt to the environment, with the nervous system playing a defining role. The nervous systema has several innate properties that define the particular characteristics of each of us. These properties provide a foundation that supports certain types of behaviors and suppresses other types.

There are three major innate properties of a nervous system (according to the Pavlov’s theory) Strength, mobility, and


Strength is the ability of nervous cells to function normally under high-intensity workload

Mobility is the ability to quickly switch between the process of relaxation and agitation and vice-versa

Stability is the balance expression of the processes of relaxation and agitation.

The combination of these qualities determines how the nervous system and hence the psyche as a whole will function. The next time your training pay close attention to sharp, jerking and out of control movements and try to notice what has happened to your psyche.

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