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A Constant flow of Spirituality

During the good time we often question spirituality, put logic into it and understand it from a practical or pragmatic approach. Kind of like the way we look and think about our snow blower in the summer or our lawnmower in the winter. We don’t need it now so it’s just taking us space in the garage and of no immediate use to us, but its there! This is the most important thing to remember and as that season change you will need them.

I have a constant flow of spirituality in my daily life that put into practice throughout my day.

There is always something or someone that could use a prayer in my opinion so I’m always using my spirit. During the good times it will build humility and calm you right from the very source of you being. I see lots of people trying to quite their minds, but this can be very difficult from people to do especially if you’re using it a lot during the day. If, however you find your spirit and learn to tap into the source you can stop the mind very quickly. I’m sure you have seen this phenomenon, a person who creates lots of little artificial problems in their mind because they do not have one real one. Once they get a real problem, they forget all about the little artificial ones around them. Real problem humbles everyone and put life back into perspective.

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