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A Practice Playground

Freedom isn't free; keep things in good order. The physical body is the perfect example, a healthy body should be a balance between mobility and stability. Too much mobility and ruptures occur; too much stability, and movement becomes impossible. Either pole creates low quality.

The parts of the body which should be free, can only be free, if the parts that are stable, remain stable. If a joint meant for freedom becomes restricted, the body robs freedom from a stable joint.

“Life can be a prison or a playground, the choice is yours”

Training at FC is much more than just that. It improves strength, increases your energy, re-aligns your body structure, expands brain capacity, and restores your youthful vitality. Best of all? You only need your bodyweight and a few minutes each day to reap the benefits!

Turn your training into a practice playground, FC class are designed for beginners and advanced practitioners alike - Come see for yourself!

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