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Do you have a Recovery Training Program?

A program that can help you recover from the stresses of your daily life and workout routines.

Systema training at FightClub will help you:

· Recover quicker.

· Restore your ability to move freely with greater control.

· Move better by learning to use your body as a whole.

The human body depends on the ability of all joints to move freely within their natural range of motion. Joint mobility and stability are interconnected with each other and limiting one will affect the other. Join Emmanuel as he takes you through a journey of recovery training where the only destination is a better stronger you.

Sitting behind a desk for eight hours that make it hard for us to do different things and eventually lead to loads of aches, pains, and overuse injuries.

I want everyone who trains at FightClub to clean the slate of previous conditionings, overspecialized adaptations, ensure that they have pain-free and full range of motion in all of their joints and connective tissues, and prepare them for further movement sophistication.

Please join me on Sunday April 3rd, 2022 from 1-4pm and let me show you how to develop your own Recovery Training Program. Email me at for consideration to attend this unique training session.

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