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Systema Key Concepts

Systema is a martial art and self-defense system that focuses on practicality, adaptability, and efficiency in combat situations. While there is no strict set of principles for Systema, there are several key concepts that students commonly emphasize ... #systema


It is very importance to be relaxed in both body and mind. By staying relaxed, students can move more fluidly, conserve energy, and react effectively to various situations.


Controlled breathing is a fundamental. Proper breathing helps maintain relaxation, improves stamina, and aids in recovering from physical exertion or stress.

Movement and Mobility

develop natural and intuitive movement. Learn to move efficiently, utilizing body mechanics and avoiding unnecessary tension. Mobility and agility are key components in adapting to changing circumstances.


A big emphasis is placed on adaptability and flexibility in combat. Students learn to respond to unpredictable situations by using a wide range of techniques, rather than relying on set patterns or fixed responses.


Training emphasizes developing heightened sensitivity to oneself and to the movements and intentions of opponents. By being aware of subtle cues, practitioners can better anticipate and respond to attacks.

Control and Economy of Motion

Students seeks to achieve control and efficiency in movements. The aim to generate power from the whole body while minimizing wasted effort. This principle allows for effective strikes, grappling, and defensive maneuvers.

Embracing Fear and Stress

Students are trained to face fear and stress, both physical and psychological, and learn to remain calm and composed in challenging situations. This mental fortitude is considered essential for effective self-defense.

Overall, Systema emphasizes a holistic approach to combat, combining physical techniques with psychological and emotional control. It promotes adaptability, efficiency, and personal growth in self-defense and everyday life.

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