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Working Out and Adaptation

Muscles are a perfect example to understand how everything happens all at once. When you want to get stronger and build muscles most people start weightlifting. The strain you add to the body through the weights your lifting breaks the muscles down while you’re working out. Once you stop and rest your body is busy repairing the damaged muscles you worked out. Over a period like 6-12 weeks your muscles grow and evolve to meet the demands of your new training routine and lifestyle. If you approach is progressive enough and the strain just right your body adapts quite nicely. If, however you add too much weight, something that your body cannot handle your chances of damaging your body is high. If you do not rest your body between workouts enough than you cannot repair and build back the muscle you just damaged and you will become weaker and risk injury. Weightlifting is seen as a problem to your body. It can adapt if you don’t overload or abuse the process of adaptation that is happening in the body and muscles. The same is true for problem that occur and letting the body and mind be opened to adapting and evolving. Something that has happened naturally for thousands of years.

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