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The Well of Mastery

When I look at a master working at their craft it’s like they are driven by a different fuel source than everyone else. Most people have the look of hard work as they try to learn a skillset. Even as they improve their abilities from novice to intermediate, they embody a look of hard work and effort but only from an external source. Mastery is ultimately a source of inspiration, like a deep well that you lower your bucket and rope down to and fill. I believe in each of us there is a deep well of inspiration that exist, we must lower our buckets and pull up the mastery like water from a well. There might be a water tap in your home and a river outside your house, that provides water, but the water you want is from the deep well inside you. The water from your faucet at home represents your mind, easy and always accessible. The water from the river outside represents your physical body and effort. The deep well in the field represents your deep inspiration.

Masters don’t turn on the faucet or go to the river, rather they lower their bucket in the well and lift the water up. When you are inspired you don’t feel mentally drained or physically tired because the source is neither, that makes it so special and able to sustain you over the long journey towards mastery. Most people give up because they fueled the journey to mastery with mental and physical fuel sources. The mind has limits for each of us, and the body has limits too, but inspiration can last forever. So start digging deep into yourself and look for inspiration and find the water that you will draw up for yourself.

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