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Unfold Observations and Stretch ideas

To flourish and grow in a many-sided uncertain and ever changing world that surrounds us, I suggest that we have to make intuitive within ourselves those many practices we need, to meet the challenges of our societies. Unfold observations and stretch ideas that contribute towards achieving such aim and purpose.

Observation, Orientation, Decision and Action (The 'OODA' Loop as its referred too)

Try to understand your Systema training with this very simple diagram of the chain of events that explains most all conflicts. Firstly, you must observe, nothing can help you if you don't do that. Secondly, orient or position yourself properly for what you observe. Thirdly, make a decision, most die never making one. Decision making is not thinking (that takes too long). Lastly, a course of action. All your training should be geared to appropriate actions, ones that you can live with while accomplish your purposes.

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