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I was just re-reading the SYSTEMA Manual and found this gem of a quote that I missed.

“In the process of maturing and accepting the norms and laws of a society, the modern person ventures very far from his/her natural and healthy state, typically present only in early childhood. This ‘departure’ has to do with the clogging o the body and psyche - fears, tensions, and cramps of all kinds. For only through a system of bans and limitations enforced by fear of punishment does the average person get prepared for life within a society. This is not a value judgment but a statement of fact. We tend to live like this … stumbling through life ‘skewed.’ We come to SYSTEMA like this … all of these limits, fears, and tensions prevent our body and psyche from adequately reacting to external stimuli and get in the way of well-being. These limitations must be eliminated first.”

SYSTEMA Manual - by Major Konstantin Komarov

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