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Systema Training - Remove the Armor

So many people have gotten on the SYSTEMA training program that they want to jump in the deep end of the pool, start training hardcore, without first taking off all of the rusty armor they've been carrying for years. And even though you may feel accustomed to carrying and wearing that armor or tension, it still puts you on the express route to the bottom, once you jump in the water.

Not only must you resolve the submerged chains of tension created over the years, but you must offset the effects of daily stresses which will embed if not discharged immediately. Cleaning the Slate is the goal of Deepening your Daily Personal Practice.

People are in such a rush for immediate results, that they're even willing to sacrifice their health and longevity to achieve them. What few realize is that if you follow our maxim of breathing and moving, not only will you achieve your goals with long lasting success, but you will surpass them in ways you couldn't even have predicted or dared hope for!

Long lasting success can be yours if you can just slow down.


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