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Archery Bow Fitness

This is something of an elephant in the room. Let’s be honest, this is the simplest and most frequently ignored cause of a sloppy release.

A good release is simply not possible if you are overbowed. The end. Using an overly heavy bow will force you to use the wrong muscles (and the wrong technique) in a futile attempt to wrestle your body into position. What fun is it shooting like this? I’d save yourself the low scores and potential injury by switching to a suitable poundage.

Any serious archer must also do a gym program and bow training of some sort – it’s that simple. Full draw holds are good to start with, and you can do these with your fingers.

Using elastic like band devices also helps you learn how to maintain the string connection as you lift the bow. During any bow training, it’s hugely important to maintain form. Start with a band or light bow first and increase gradually, you will still benefit massively. Technique is king. Now I’ve got that out of the way, let’s focus on the technical stuff!

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