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I have been asking this question to students for years, and I would say 99% would say YES. At face value, that would seem odd, especially considering that most of my students are successful professionals. The fact of the matter is that life is rather mundane and boring, regardless of the job, profession or career you have. We spend so much time repeating what we do at work and home over and over that it’s driving us crazy. There is very little creativity or exploration into anything - We as humans are brutally efficient, mundane and routine-oriented.

Training at FightClub is different from class to class and week to week. I break these barriers and have students explore themselves, situations, interactions and conflicts.

Punching, kicking, wrestling, bodyguarding, weapons or any combinations of these are used to explore the human condition and then, through creativity, find solutions.

How can you compare this with going to a gym? Or attending a fitness class?

The work we do at FightClub is mostly on ourselves; this way, we avoid getting tired of who we are and push our understandings to continue developing our bodies, minds and spirits.

Let me ask the question again…. Do you ever get tired of yourself?

If you feel life is getting to be a little (or a lot) like the movie ‘Ground Hog Day’ - You're not alone! The solution is simple - Come by FightClub for some Systema training, and you will see the huge benefits firsthand.

“Life is meant to be lived

Every day we need to arise and feel new

But this takes work….”

The training methods used to go beyond any other training methods out there. Simply come and try a few classes, and you will understand what I mean. Stop thinking about changing your life and start doing something about it. Systema Training at FightClub will give you the template to do this…..



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