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Systema Approach to Injuries

Sustaining injuries can provide valuable opportunities for learning and personal growth. Here are some potential lessons someone can learn ...


Injuries often test one's resilience and ability to bounce back. Dealing with the physical and emotional challenges of recovery can teach you how to persevere and develop inner strength. #injuries


Recovery from injuries often requires patience. Learning to take things one step at a time, following a healing process, and understanding that it takes time to regain strength and functionality can be an important lesson.


Injuries may force individuals to adapt their daily routines, activities, or lifestyle temporarily. This experience can foster adaptability and help them find new ways to engage in activities they enjoy.


Going through an injury can make someone more conscious of their overall well-being. It can motivate them to prioritize self-care, make healthier choices, and take preventative measures to reduce the risk of future injuries.


Experiencing an injury can deepen one's understanding and empathy for others who have faced similar challenges.


The process of recovering from an injury often involves becoming more mindful of one's body, its needs, and limitations. This increased awareness can foster gratitude for one's health and physical abilities, encouraging individuals to cherish and take better care of themselves.

Seeking help

Injuries can teach the importance of reaching out for help and support when needed. It can highlight the value of a supportive network of friends, family, or healthcare professionals and encourage individuals to seek assistance in their recovery journey. #dontstop

Everyone's experience and lessons learned from sustained injuries can vary, but at the end of the day injuries are really common place in all sports and athletic endeavours. Systema approach has been the healthiest and most positive approach I have come by in my life. Don't let injuries stop your training, they should motivate you to keep going.

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