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The Archery Shot

The two things that form the foundation of all archery techniques are symmetry (that is, balance) and comfort. The former greatly affects the physics of the shot, the latter, concentration. And because comfort is the outcome of a solid balanced form, we should focus on symmetry.

Symmetry results from a combination of proper body alignment and even distribution of the linear forces which play a part in the entire shot sequence. Without it, consistency is not possible, or, at least, it is very difficult to maintain once your body has tired. Many archers struggle with their shooting because they focus on individual aspects of the technique of the front end (that is, the bow arm), such as the grip or the elbow position; or the back end (the draw arm) such as the anchor point or the release.

Instead, focus on the overall symmetry of their frame. Why? Because it is thanks to the symmetry that you will be able to relax all the muscles that should not be engaged in the shot sequence.

Paradoxically, shooting a bow is all about learning how to relax your muscles, not how to flex them. Raise both arms up, in a relaxed manner, so that wrists and elbows are in line with the shoulders, but paying very careful attention not to have the shoulders lift up, we’ll see that the shoulder blades will go around the spine and towards each other. With both arms relaxed – both wrists are relaxed, too – we can now flex the back muscles which will bring the scapulas together in a perfectly symmetrical manner. #archeryshot

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