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Overcoming fear can be a gradual process

Here is some footage of me help the youth students at FightClub last week overcome fear of contact in a gradual way. What am I trying to accomplish? #torontoyouth

Have students recognize and acknowledge your fear

Identify the specific fear you're experiencing and acknowledge its presence. Understand that it's natural to feel fear in certain situations.

Educate students

Often, fear stems from the unknown. Research and gather information about what you're afraid of. Knowledge can help dispel misconceptions and provide a sense of control.

Take small steps

Start by facing your fear in manageable increments. Gradually expose students to situations that trigger fear, allowing yourself to become more comfortable over time. #torontokids

Overcoming fear is a personal journey for students, and it may take time and effort. my best advise is to be patient and trust in your ability to grow stronger and more resilient over time.

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