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Understanding & Befriending Anger

Anger can be the most honourable emotion you have if you know what it is, why it appears, and how to work with it.

All of your emotions bring you specific gifts and skills, and we’ll look at all of your emotions — one by one — in terms of how each one works, why it arises, and which actions you can take to work with each of your emotions (instead of working against them and losing your way).

When I discuss emotions, I always start with anger, because it’s the emotion that can help you understand exactly who you are — as an individual, and as a member of social groups.

Anger is one of my favourite emotions because when you know how to work with it, it can help you become more authentically yourself — and more able to interact authentically and honourably with others as well. Anger is a wonderful and pro-social emotion when you know how to work with it.

However, when people don’t know how to work with anger — when they attack others with it, or when they repress it and lose their way — anger can be a real problem. The troubles that many people have with anger make it one of the most hated emotions there is, but this is truly a shame because anger brings you gifts that are irreplaceable.

No other emotion can do what anger does, and no other emotion can support you in the way healthy anger can. Simply put, anger is a necessary and magnificent emotion that can improve your life and your relationships in astonishing ways.

Stay tuned for more about anger ... for now, let what I said sink in.

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