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Improving Complexity and Eliminating Complication

Is your movement complicated or complex? Aging is a process of losing complexity and building complication. Optimal athletics is a process of improving complexity and eliminating complication.

Complexity refers to the level of simple components in a system. If a movement is complex, it has virtuously woven together simple components in an elegant way. Complexity as a result does not involve high difficulty. Complication refers to a high level of difficulty. A complicated movement might or might not have many parts but they're poorly sequenced, overlapping in an unnecessary and nonsensical manner. Your nervous system craves complexity and loathes complication. If the next step seems simple to you, you're gracefully, powerfully growing more complex. If it seems difficult, you're growing more complicated. SYSTEMA may appear very complex, but each involves only a simple, easy to follow step to the next.

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