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Updated: Apr 11

Movement is paramount. The body is in constant movement, even when you believe it to be still. Blood is moving and organs functioning, slowly shifting the body. The world is also in constant movement, even though one could swear it's standing still.

Movement training

Movement training focuses on understanding movements versus techniques. The ability to move your body in an efficient and safe manner is of extreme value. Everyone has a unique form of movement, as unique as their own written signature. Many friends of mine have noticed me in a crowd just by my walk. Training, therefore, begins with an array of drills and exercises geared towards a student coming to terms with their own movements and understanding others.

Now that we have identified the some of the important concepts, we can explore a little bit of the FightClub curriculum. Given the size and scope of this article I have grouped together eight common martial arts categories to accomplish this, but could have easily added more.

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